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h a n d m a d e       t i m e l e s s         o r g a n i c        a u t h e n t i c         e t h i c a l      a r t i s a n a l   

 At the heart of Numero74 is the desire to keep childhood dreams alive with a little bit of poetry, beauty and charm, and to let our kids’ imagination run wild and free. 

Mums & Kids Clothing Collection

Mums & Kids Clothing Collection

Textiles - Colours & Details

The   U n i v e r s e   of   N u m e r o 7 4   is   t e n d e r ,   s i m p l e   a n d   a u t h e n t i c.

From its very beginning, children’s universe and Thailand have been the main sources of inspiration for Numero74’s creations. Each product is created with the aim to reflect these elements, from its design to its production. The whole productive process is drawn from the artisanal heritage of our Thai craftsmen and women, who put together our creations entirely by hand. Thanks to the rich-in-care Thai culture, every gesture is a ritual that develops awareness and sensitivity throughout the production. Cutting, handmade seams, hand embroidered labels and finishing: behind every products there is specific know-how, a taste for beauty and attention for details that take its time and make each creation unique.  

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h a n d m a d e     t i m e l e s s      o r g a n i c     a u t h e n t i c      e t h i c a l    a r t i s a n a l