Nomades is a Sydney based wholesaler who imports and distributes beautiful European home furnishings and accessories to retailers across Australia and New Zealand. 

Nomades' director, Eglantine Velin, was born in Paris, then traveled and lived in California in her early 20s, before settling in Australia in 2002. After graduating in Paris in international trade, she pursued her studies in Interior Design in Los Angeles and started working on projects of sustainable homes and green buildings. 

Nomades was created in Sydney when her son was born, 13 years ago, with the mission of importing European products that were missing on the market. Eglantine has a passion for beautifully made objects, aesthetic and creative design that inspire us and uplift our mood.  Nomades sources French products and brands that have a strong sense of ethics, that are well-made with-love, using natural sustainable materials that nurture and comfort us, like wool, cotton and linen.

c r e a t i v i t y     e t h i c s    h a n d m a d e      t i m e l e s s   d e s i g n    c r a f t m a n s h i p